Vista EEE Consultants have expanded its horizons to the global market, bringing the expertise in renewable energy solutions to a wider audience. We are not just limited to the UK but to the global market & offer our services in an international scale, specializing in Wind Energy and all other technologies of renewable energy, including Hydro, Solar, Biomass, GeoThermal, etc. Our approach is comprehensive and tailored, ensuring that every aspect of renewable energy projects, are meticulously planned & executed.

Our services include:

  • Holistic Project Development Guidance: We deliver precise guidance for project development on a commercial scale, encompassing both Offshore and Onshore initiatives.
  • Data Analysis: Our team conducts comprehensive data analysis, ensuring an overall understanding of project parameters, including meteorological data, environmental considerations, and economic factors.
  • Strategic Site Selection: We identify potential sites with a holistic approach, considering factors such as wind speed, topography, and regulatory considerations to optimize project success.
  • Tailored Wind Turbine Matching: Utilizing our expertise, we match each project with the most suitable wind turbine, ensuring optimal power generation efficiency based on project-specific conditions.
  • Comprehensive Consultancy on Feasibility and Implementation: We provide end-to-end consultancy services for project implementation, covering planning, execution, and monitoring phases, to ensure seamless and successful project delivery.


In the UK, as the nation has become the first to pass net-zero emission laws, we continue to support His Majestyโ€™s Government in achieving the ambitious zero carbon emission targets set for 2050. We collaborate with professionals, professional bodies, active groups, regulatory authorities, and other relevant government institutions. Our role involves engaging in continuous assessments, seminars, workshops, and promoting energy-efficient systems and renewable energy as alternatives to carbon-emitting energy sources.

With our expanded global presence, Vista EEE Consultants is committed to providing customers with the best renewable energy solutions, not only to achieve carbon emission targets set by the UK Government but also to assist in global efforts towards a sustainable future. We focus on identifying the right energy solutions and competent contractors to match each unique project, ensuring that our clients receives the highest level of attention and expertise, no matter where they are in the world.

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