Vidya Amarapala


Vidya had his primary, secondary and high-school education in Sri Lanka. Higher Education was on aeronautical engineering, initially in India. Later he completed a MBA program on international businesses management. Currently he is engaged in a PhD research program in Renewable Energy in the United Kingdom. He was heading the energy sector in Sri Lanka as the Chairman of the Ceylon Electricity Board and has achieved numerous goals for the country such as introduction of rooftop solar systems together with net metering feature. Maximized the renewable energy evacuated to the national grid and expanded the national grid penetration to achieve near 100% electrification in Sri Lanka. the Ceylon Electricity Board, a government owned enterprise with USD 1 billion turnover was made financially viable in a short spell of time during his Chairmanship.

Prof Ali Sayigh


Graduated from London University and Imperial College with Bsc, WAP, DIC and PhD in 1966, he is a fellow of the institute of energy, and fellow of the Institute of Engineering and Technology, Chartered engineer, Chairman of Iraq Energy Institute, Prof Sayigh was attached to the staff of the University of Reading and the University of Hertfordshire from 1966 to 2004. He started working in Solar Energy from 1969. He was a consultant to many national and international organizations, among them are the British Council, ISESCO, UNESCO, UNDP, ESCWA, UNIDO and UN.

Dr. Salam Darwish


He is head of engineering department at Manchester Trinity College (UK). He holds a MSc, membership in aeronautical engineering, CIT (UK) and a PhD in wind turbine aerodynamics from the University of Reading (UK) He is also a visiting professor at Loughborough University, Warrington Collegiate, and other UK Academic Institutions. He is a international program consultant at University of Glyndwr and Wolverhampton University. He has published many articles related to renewable energy.

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